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Consider Taking 24X7 Facebook Customer Service From Experts To Quick Fix Knotty Issues

As social media is running over the whole world, Facebook is leading the queue among the reliable and secured social media platform being used among the billions of active users all across the world with an account on Facebook.  Sometimes, Facebook doesn’t work the way it should be due to some sorts of problems and hurdles. For the purpose of getting resolution to these problems, users can leverage Facebook Phone Number and the best possible solution, at the comfort of your home, even at the market leading rate.

How To Unblock On Facebook If You Accidently Or Willingly Blocked Someone On Facebook?

Facebook is one such platform which allows users to block the annoying people on Facebook and once you blocked them, they will not be able to check your activity, send you message or anything on your Facebook timeline. However, Facebook also has an option of unblocking which will immediately unblock then blocked person. Once you unable the blocked one, the same person will be able to send your messages and see your posts. In addition to this, one more fact you need to keep in your mind that you’ll have to send a friend request directly to them if you are looking forward to becoming friends with the person you’ve recently unblocked. However, the process of How to Unblock on Facebook is very simple and very easy to implement. 

Here Is The Procedure You Can Use To Unblock The Person On Facebook:  


  • First of all, you are needed to click Downward Arrow which would be given in the top right of any Facebook timeline.
  • Now, you will be asked to select ‘Settings’ option and then click on ‘Blocking’ option which would be give in the left side of screen.
  • Once you are done, you will be able to see a list of those people you’ve blocked which would be appeared in Block Users section.
  • After that, you are required to click on ‘Unblock’ option which would be given just next to the name of the blocked person you are looking forward to unblocking.
  • After it is completed, you will be able to click on ‘Confirm’ option which will help you to finish unblocking the person.

Note: keep the fact in mind that if you unblock someone on Facebook, you won’t block the same person again for a couple of weeks. However, you can go to official Facebook support page if you are looking for the more information about the same.

Despite the availability of the easy steps mentioned above, some of the novice users might face some technical glitches during the course of implementing the procedure on their own. In order to fix such problems, users are suggested to give a call at Facebook Customer Support Number which will actively connect you to get rid of all your problems in no time.


How Do Facebook Users Delete An Abusive Comment From A Post On Their Timeline?


Most of the time when users share post on their Facebook time, they have to face a lot of bullying issues, abusive issues and any more in their comment section. However, in order to get rid of these problems, Facebook users are allowed to hide or delete their comment right now. Apart from that, they can make use of Facebook Customer Service if you are looking forward to taking help from the professionals.


Operation Of How To Delete My Facebook Comment:


  • When you delete a comment from a post directly from your Facebook page, your comment will be permanently wiped out. However, if you are looking forward to hiding your comment, keep in mind that the comment will be visible to only person who wrote the comment.
  • In order to delete a comment from the post which is appeared on your Facebook page, you are required to hover over the comment you are looking to delete.
  • Once you are done, you are suggested to click on the Delete Comment option. If you are one of those who are facing problems with the How To Delete My Facebook comment operation, just come to us using toll free helpline at anytime.
  • After you delete an abusive comment from your timeline, you will also be able to ban the page or person. In addition to this, you are also allowed to report the comment which it looks abusive and doesn’t follow the Standards and Community of Facebook officials.

As users might come across a lot of problems during the course implementing the above given instructions, Facebook Customer Service Phone Number can be used in order to take the proper assistance directly from the experts who are available round the clock at your closest disposal. These professionals are capable enough to deal with all sorts of your problems and issues in no time.

Hence, if you are one of those Facebook users who are suffering from any kind of technical or non technical hurdles or inconvenience while working on Facebook, it would be wise to make use of the power of Facebook Customer Service Number which would help you out by connecting you to the world class troubleshooting professionals who are ace at providing the right kind of solution.

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