How Do I Find Amazon Missing Package?

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With so many orders placed by millions of users across the world, there is a condition where people have to suffer due to Amazon Missing Package. Well! Amazon Packages can be tracked with ease, and the tracking starts within a few minutes after placing the order. But, in the case of some discrepancies in address, name or other information about delivery, users have to suffer a bit. In this blog, we are describing how you can find Amazon Lost Package.

Track Amazon Missing Package

If you want to track any of the Amazon package, the first requirement is that your account is signed in. In your amazon account, click “orders“, and then select option to ” track amazon package“. This section will let you know some information about package like date of purchase, shipping date, out of delivery date, and information about arrival.

If you are looking for something robust, then you can use Amazon Map Tracking for track a real time progress of product dispatched by Amazon. You can also use Amazon Photon on delivery service, it sends you a picture as a confirmation of delivery made at the door.

Contacting Experts To Know About Amazon Missing Package

When your package is seen delivered in your amazon account, but you are not able to find it, but there is no need to worry! The first recommendation to avoid Amazon Lost Package issue is to make sure that the address is correct. And secondly check whether your package is accepted by some of your neighbors.

There are only a few rare cases when packages of amazon are reflected as delivered for maximum forty eight hours of time before their reaching.

When even after 48 hours, if you figure out that your package is still not arrived, then you should contact Amazon for reporting missing package.
To contact Amazon, visit the Contact Us page. Here, you can either choose chat option to interact with bots, or click calling option to request a call back from amazon. If you want to choose call option, then you need to check the box nearby the order.
You can describe your concern in detail by selecting “tell us more”, option in drop down menu, and asking update about your stuff.
Click phone option, enter our number, and choose option to call me now.
This way, the representatives from Amazon will call you back, and provide you a significant assistance in order to help you find your Amazon Missing Package.

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